Spirulina – the king of proteins


Pineapple, mint & cucumber yoghurt smoothie

Oatmeal with Spirulina and fruit

Coconut-lime spirulina water

Warm quinoa or rice

Chill-bowl with banana, mango and almond milk

Spaghetti with pesto Genovese- Spirulina for 4 people

Vegetable chips and / or taco chips with spirulina-mango hummus and / or tomato-spirulina salsa

Amazing Veggie Boost

Gazpacho Andaluz - summer cold tomato soup with Spirulina-oil, serves 4

Cold cucumber soup with spirulina, chives and cream, serves 4

Risotto Primavera with spirulina pesto, serves 4

Spring risotto & mozzarella stuffed peppers from the oven

Smoothie of frozen banana, yoghurt, blueberry and basil